Entrust EMS

The Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server (EMS) is available as appliance or as VMware. EMS delivers standards-based e-mail encryption capabilities. This comprehensive e-mail security solution includes hardware, operating system, supporting applications and ongoing online updates. To suit the encryption requirements and preferences of an organization, EMS can be deployed standalone or with a variety of complementary solutions such as desktop encryption, content monitoring, versatile authentication, e-mail archiving, storage area networks and off-board public key infrastructure (PKI) integration with Microsoft Certification Authority or Entrust Authority.

For protection against inadvertent compliance violations and intellectual property theft, Messaging Server seamlessly integrates with content scanners such as Vericept Protect, a leading outbound content monitoring and control solution. EMS automatically encrypts sensitive e-mails containing customer account information, personal employee data, client lists, merger and acquisition information, financials, source code and other valuable informational assets that have been flagged by Vericept Protect, before they are routed outside an organization's boundary. This can help avoid unwanted disclosures of sensitive information and proactively monitor the flow of corporate information.